Whole Life Pet - Dog Tail Mix (7oz)

Whole Life Pet Tail Mix For Dogs Satisfy your dog's snack cravings without sacrificing good health! Whole Life Tail Mix TM contains three simple ingredients you can recognize-chicken, oats and molasses. They are as nourishing as they are delicious. Tail Mix is free of artificial ingredients, chemical preservatives and additives. It's made in the USA right here in our own facility in Western Massachusetts. Whole Life Tail Mix has great texture. It's mildly crunchy but easy to chew for even the smallest dogs. Its also an exceptional treat for older dogs that often have issues chewing hard biscuits. Tail Mix is a perfect between-meals snack or special reward. It's also great for being on the go. Tail Mix packs loads of nutrition, avoiding the empty calories found in most dog snacks. Tail Mix is made from Whole Life freeze dried chicken. We added just enough oats and molasses to form meaty clusters of goodness. By using our own freeze dried chicken, you simply cannot beat the flavor and aroma Tail Mix provides. It will quickly become your dogs favorite snack. INGREDIENTS Whole Life Freeze Dried Chicken, Oats, Molasses Crude Protein.................... 21.7% (min) Crude Fiber ........................ 1.0% (max) Crude Fat ............................5.3% (min) Moisture............................10.0% (max) SERVING GUIDELINES Serve right out of the bag as a healthy snack or crumble over dry or canned food to add texture and variety. Tail Mix makes a great snack for traveling providing high levels of protein and nutrition for dogs on the go. SMALL DOGS 1-2 pieces per day MEDIUM DOGS 2-4 pieces per day LARGE DOGS 4-6 pieces per day

  • Model: WL 01
  • Manufactured by: Whole Life Pet

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