Eco'me Laundry Soap Emma

Eco'me EMMA BY ECO-ME SMELLS LIKE SWEET TEA! 100 % Natural & Chemical-Free, 32oz PET #1 Bottle 64 LOADS PER BOTTLE That's $0.20/load!!!!! -No Dyes -No Parabens -No Preservatives -No SLS, SLES, ALS -No Synthetic Fragrances -No Surfactants GREEN RATING: **** (4 Stars) * Save your health and use natural soaps. * Save your Environment, products are recyclable. * Save your Waterways, no toxins going down your drain. * Save your air and use chemical-free products in your home. INGREDIENTS: Castile soap (olive, coconut and aloe), Plant Essential Oils (chamomile, Grapefruit, Clary Sage) DIRECTIONS: up to 64 LOADS!!!!! Great for washing baby clothes, gentle cycles and hand washing delicate items. May use as a spot cleaner, rub small amount of soap onto stains, let sit, rinse out with warm water. Use with standard (top or front loading) & HE machines. NO SOFTENER NEEDED! FACTS: Soaps that contain SLS, SLES or ALS are considered hazardous by the EWG* Essential oils made from plants have antibacterial properties. Natural clean smells healthy and fresh, not sickly and toxic. Eco-Me products are testing for safety and effectiveness. Eco-Me does not test on animals or use animal bi-products (PETA & LEAPING BUNNY APPROVED) *Environmental Working Group

  • Model: pmhk105
  • Manufactured by: Eco-me

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 26 April, 2011.

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