Jolly Pets - Monster Mouth

Jolly Pets - Monster Mouth Your dog will enjoy hours of fun with the Monster Mouth the treat dispensing toy that bounces erratically and unpredictably keeping your dog entertained and on his toes while he “works” for his treats. •100% Natural rubber. •Erratic, unpredictable bouncing to keep your dog on his toes. •Treat dispensing toy. •Designed with the health, pleasure and developmental skills of your dog in mind. •Helps clean teeth and gums. 3” – for small and medium dogs. 4” – for medium to large dogs. Made in USA Made of non-toxic, durable polyurethane.

  • Model: MM140
  • Manufactured by: Jolly Pets

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 21 February, 2012.

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