Jolly Pet Jolly Tug Dog Tug Toy

Jolly Pets - Jolly Tug Durable, nylon tug Squeaks when both handles are pulled Floats for water play Ideal for multi-dog play. Jolly Pet Jolly Tug Dog Tug Toy Tough nylon interactive tug toy. Ball in center squeaks when the handles on both sides are pulled and when the ball is crushed by hand or dog's mouth. Ideal for multi-dog and interactive play. Our tug is made from non-toxic durable material and it floats for water play. . Size: Small 4" , Medium 5", Large 6".

  • Model: JT04,JT05,JT06.
  • Manufactured by: Jolly Pets

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 21 February, 2012.

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