Wapiti Labs Inc Longevity Formula - 15g

Available sizes: 15g Powder – 120 Day Supply 25lb Pet 30g Powder– 240 Day Supply 25lb Pet Serving Size: 1 scoop (125 mg)/25 pounds/day Tablets: 30 Ct - 60 Day supply 25lb Pet 120 Ct- 240 Day Supply 25lb Pet Serving Size 1 Tab/50lbs/Day Ingredients: Minnesota Elk Velvet Antler extract in an herbal extract base of: Lycium fruit, Cynomorii rhizome, Morinda root, Achyranthes root, Asparagus root, Astragalus root, Barley sprout (untreated), White Chinese Ginseng root, Chrysanthemum flowers, Citrus peel, Curcuma rhizome, Red Dates, Ophiopogon root, Salvia root, Schisandra fruit General Health Tonic Longevity Formula is a general health tonic specifically designed to support your ageing pets needs. As Pets Age they need energy immune and joint support. Longevity is the same formula as Wapiti Labs Mobility Formula however contains higher levels of Ginseng for Pets needing Additional Energy Support.

  • Model: SKU 1600 - 689076806052
  • Manufactured by: Wapiti Labs Inc

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