Kenic Natural Vitamin Mineral

Kenic Natural Vitamin Mineral Supplement is formulated to be incorporated in the pets daily diet. The formulation contains all the essential vitamins and minerals needed for a well balanced diet. Kenic Natural is fortified with garlic, brewers yeast, wheat germ, almond oil, kelp, ginseng, beta carotene and B-Vitamin complex. May be fed to dogs, cats, ferrets, and rabbits. Excellent for active and working animals. During peak working conditions and for nursing bitches and queens, the dose may be doubled. This will prevent blowing of the coat. It will also aid and supply extra energy and nutrition to the puppies or kittens. 50 pounds. KENIC Natural Vitamin Mineral Supplement KENIC NATURAL Dietary Food Supplement is excellent for pets and small animals. It not only supplies vitamins and minerals, but also raw food factors such as enzymes, nucleoproteins, and trace minerals. The KENIC NATURAL formula includes vitamin sources which are subject to heat. The method preserves the delicate balance of vitamins, minerals, neucleic acids, and enzymes found in nature and enables better absorption and utilization in animals. KENIC NATURAL works with your pet to achieve better utilization of the pet food already being consumed. The result of feeding KENIC NATURAL is a better fed pet. Better fed pets are healthier and have more stamina and perform better. Several of the ingredients in KENIC NATURAL have a tendency to stimulate appetites in animals that would otherwise be reluctant eaters. For use with dogs, cats, ferrets and rabbits. KENIC NATURAL contains a combination of ingredients which include vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12 BREWERS YEAST, GARLIC, KELP, plus other supplements. Antioxidant nutrients also include additional free radical fighting power of vitamins C, E, Beta Carotene and Selenium. When used as directed, you will notice results and improvements in the pet within 3 weeks to 3 months. K-5010 Vitamin A 60,000 USP Units Vitamin D3 7,000 USP Units Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) 25 MG. Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 375 MG. Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) 10 MG. D-Pantothenic Acid 25 MG. Niacin 2,000 MG. Choline Chloride 360 MG. Vitamin E 425 I.U. Vitamin K 75 MG. Vitamin B12 3 MG. Ascorbic Acid 25 MG. Folic Acid 30 MG. Iron 033% Copper 0033% Iodine 0017% Magnesium 0455% Zinc 0025% Cobalt 0009% Calcium 1360 MG. Phosphorus 1360 MG. GUARANTEED ANALYSIS Crude Protein - not less than 24% Crude Fat - not less than 10% Crude Fiber - not more than 5% Moisture - not more than 12%

  • Model: K5010 1.5lbs,K5020 3lbs
  • Manufactured by: Kenic

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