Herbsmith - Dog and Cat Treats - Chicken

Herbsmith - Grain Free Dog and Cat Treats Food Energetics: At Herbsmith, we know that everything you feed your dog affects their body. Every food has energetics that can influence the way the body functions – positively or negatively. Herbsmith has searched high and low for the best ingredients possible to cater to what your dog's body really needs. The older "cold" animal that needs joint support should be fed "warming" foods like chicken. The allergic or high-arousal "hot" animal should be fed "cooling" foods like duck. The well-balanced animal should be fed "neutral" foods like beef. Give your pets healthy treats that do good things for their bodies, and see them smile! Chicken Treats: Freeze-dried chicken with apples & spinach

  • Model: 1812253909
  • Manufactured by: Herbsmith

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