Whole Life Pet - Dog and Cat Treats - Venison 2oz

Whole Life Pet - Grain Free Dog and Cat Treats 2oz Pure Meat Venison Whole Life Pure Meat Venison Treats. Freeze dried without the use of chemicals or additives and part of our grain free meat treat line. Made from pure human grade Cervena Venison. Protein based, low fat, low calorie, and low carb. The perfect daily snack for both dogs and cats and an ideal training treat for dogs. 100% Pure Venison Ingredients: Free Range New Zealand Cervena Venison Crude Protein: 73% min Crude Fat: 8% min Crude Fiber: 3% max Moisture: 5.6% max Size: 2oz & 10oz What is Cervena? Cervena is premium farmed venison from New Zealand. Cervena is distinguished from all other venison by the trademarked assurance that the meat has been naturally raised and processed in licensed Cervena plants according to internationally recognized quality standards. Farm-raised, New Zealand Red Deer with the super-high quality name of CERVENA is imported exclusively from New Zealand. No growth hormones or antibiotics have ever been used. All animals roam freely and graze freely in natural conditions on the pastures of the farm. Cervena venison are fed only on grass and are supplemented during the colder months with only natural feed like hay and silage. New Zealand Cervena’s products are very lean and low in fat & cholesterol; and are a good source of protein.

  • Model: WL 05
  • Manufactured by: Whole Life Pet

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