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Whole Life Pet - Dog and Cat Treats - Beef Pure Meat Beef Whole Life Pure Meat Beef Treats The product is GMO and hormone free Free of any antibiotics used to support growth purposes. Low fat Free Range and Grass feed Argentine beef has a natural and unique taste. It is a product that comes from cattle fed with highly nutritious natural grass and in a healthy environment in an open range. Argentina is one of the great ecological reserves of the world. Wide green, pastures, diverse geography and exceptionally rich soil transform the Argentinean soil into a true treasure of nature. The high quality of Argentinean beef is not solely the result of the specialization in the animal breeding and upbringing. Other factors like strict sanitary controls from birth of the animal to the delivery of the end product, including the quality control under severe technical norms, also contribute. 100% Pure Beef Ingredients: Human Grade USDA inspected Beef Crude Protein: 70% min Crude Fat: 10% min Crude Fiber: 0.05% max Moisture: 4% max Calories: 410 calories per 4 oz. Bag (approximately 2 calories per piece) Sizes: 1 oz, 4 oz, 10oz & 21 oz

  • Model: WL 08
  • Manufactured by: Whole Life Pet

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 21 April, 2011.

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