Dr. Becker's Bites Bison Bites 5oz

Dr.Becker's Bites Bison Bites 5oz - novel protein that redefines what a true "organic" treat should be. Dr. Becker's Bison Bites not only follows in the footsteps of our healthy tradition, but raises the standards for all other treats on the market. Made from 100% Bison liver and heart, this treat has no fillers and is a great treat for both healthy and ailing dogs. BENEFITS: Because our Bison Bites are hormone free, antibiotic free, steroid free and GMO free, this is one of the "purest" forms of meat you can find. Bison heart also contains CoQ10 in its most natural form which promotes overall organ health. Ingredients: Bison Liver and Bison Heart Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein (min.) 61% Crude Fat (min.) 8.5% Crude Fiber (max.) 0.2% Moisture (max.) 12.3%

  • Model: DBB102
  • Manufactured by: Dr. Becker's Bites

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