Sunday Pets Free Ranger Happy Cow for Dog

Sunday Pets Free Ranger Happy Cow for Dog/Puppy , 100g. Free Ranger is here! Delicious Natural Goodness ! Sunday Pets yet again introduce a range of natural canned food for dogs and cats. For Dogs & Cats - 1) Happy Lamb 2) Happy Cow 3) Happy Lamb & Hoki Grain Free, Rich in Protein - Free Ranger is up to 94% meat based. We use only premium real meat from free range Lamb, Beef & Hoki. (Hoki is New Zealand native fish obtain through sustaining fishing. Full of essential Omega 3 and most importantly low in mercury.) The philosophy that dogs are not born to eat the same type of diet as humans. Grain Free, Rich in Protein is said to more closely mimic their natural diet, providing essential nutrients for a healthy lifestyle. Range - The NZ lamb and Beef live on a natural diet of fresh pastures, grass & nutrients rich clover and naturally raised in free-range open field. This allow us to deliver protein, minerals and vitamins from healthy animals living in good condition. Every lamb and cow have a living space of 1/3 of a football field to itself. NZ Green Tripe - Added with NZ Green Tripe which is rich in Lactobacillus Acidophilus, a most commonly used probiotic, it helps restore digestive balance and reduce digestive discomfort for healthy digestion.

  • Model: FRHCD3,52
  • Manufactured by: Sunday Pets

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 24 January, 2014.

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