Wapiti Labs Elk Antler Chews (tip)

Sourced from a trusted, farm-raised herd, Wapiti Labs Elk Antler Chews are the longest lasting chews available on the market. These naturally shed antlers won’t splinter like other hard chews, and they’re great for healthy teeth and gums. They’re a 100% natural source of over 40 essential nutrients promoting strong bones and healthy joints. •Trusted, farm raised elk from Minnesota •100% natural, no preservatives •Great source of essential vitamins & minerals •Supports bone, joint and muscle health •For the toughest of chewers, less splintering •Longest lasting chew on the market •Five sizes available (Tips to SuperChunk)

  • Model: WAP01
  • Manufactured by: Wapiti Labs Inc

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 08 April, 2011.

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