Steve's FZD Raw Goat Milk PurrGurt for dogs & cats

Steve's Real Food Freeze Dried Raw Goat Milk PurrGurt available 1.6oz and 8oz. Enhance your pet's diet with a freeze-dried goat milk superfood blend specially formulated for urinary tract health with Steve's PurrGurt Meal Enhancer. Simplify the hassle of adding raw to your pet's diet with freeze dried goat milk, packaged in a reusable glass milk bottle. Easy to prepare, all you need to do is fill the bottle with water, shake, and serve. PurrGurt is perfect poured over kibble or as a tasty treat. Formulated with a feline focused recipe but also great for dogs with stones, crystals or other urinary tract issues. This meal enhancer begins with whole krill and salmon oil to supply taste then adds in an herbal cocktail to balance PH in the urinary tract system, finished with l-lysine to boost immunity. Steve's PurrGurt Meal Enhancer Features raw goat milk as first ingredient Simplifies hassle of feeding raw diet Reusable glass milk bottle to ease preparation Tasty & healthy kibble topper or treat Available in a 1.6 oz reusable milk bottle and an 8 oz refill container. 1.6 oz makes 16 oz rehydrated. 8 oz makes 50 oz rehydrated..Instructions for Use Fill reusable milk bottle with water to the fill line and shake to rehydrate. Store in refrigerator and feed daily. Good for 12 days after rehydrating. For everyday feeding, pour one half ounce of Enhance formula for every 10 pounds of body weight over your pet's meal or in a separate bowl. Increased feeding may be beneficial for pets with certain health issues.

  • Model: ST-91730-15110-2,15108-9
  • Manufactured by: Steve's Real Food

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