Imperial Cat

Imperial Cat Protect your home furnishings from by satisfying your cat’s instinctual need to scratch with an Imperial Cat Scratch ‘n Shape. Scratch ‘n Shapes are available in a wide variety of innovative styles, each creatively designed to complement the cat owners’ décor, while providing their cats an ideal surface for scratching, relaxing, pouncing and playing. •Eco-Friendly – comprised of 100% recycled materials & 100% recyclable •Functional – protects home furnishings from unsightly scratch marks •High Quality – made in the USA! •Great Value – certified organic catnip included SCRATCHING IS INSTINCTIVE Every time your cat sinks his claws into your expensive couch, he is satisfying his instinctual need to scratch. Scratching allows your cat to hone his claws, stretch his muscles, and relieve stress. Cats also scratch to “mark” their home turf –with every scratch, special glands in the pads of his paws release a scent that makes your house smell like home sweet home. In the wild, trees are the preferred scratching post, but indoors, scratching damages your home furnishings and turns your sweet kitty into a terrible nuisance. THE SCRATCH ‘N SHAPES ADVANTAGE Although you can’t fight instinct, you CAN fight damage to your furnishings, and Imperial Cat Scratch ‘n Shapes make it easy! Scratch… The honeycomb texture of a Scratch ‘n Shape mimics the feel of natural tree bark, so cats will instinctively choose to sink their claws in for some serious shredding – or in cat terms, “mark their territory.” And the natural texture – unlike carpeted posts – is distinct from other textures in your home, making it easier to train your cat NOT to scratch your furnishings. Play… Cats play to keep their muscles toned and their hunting instincts sharp. Scratch ‘n Shapes are available in a variety of styles that are designed to promote active play. As an added bonus, each Scratch ‘n Shape includes a bag of Certified Organic Catnip that encourages healthy play and will keep your cat coming back for more. Sleep… Cats sleep an average of 13 to 16 hours a day. That’s some serious snoozing! The sculpted curves of a Scratch ‘n Shape are designed to cradle your cat throughout those long cat naps. Give your cat a preferable alternative to your couch – an Imperial Cat Scratch ‘N Shape!

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